Transitional Employment Program

Transitional Jobs

Self-Sufficiency and Skill Development

We are addressing poverty, housing stability and family self sufficiency with our transitional jobs program. The combination of skill development, supportive services and wage paying jobs move people into the labor force.

Community Need

Employers in Hutchinson

The local Chamber of Commerce estimates that there are 400 unfilled positions in Hutchinson, with 800 jobs in the area surrounding Hutchinson.  

In the region, there are 2500 unfilled positions. 

New Beginnings

Each year, of those that entered the Transitional Housing and Jobs program, 70% are unemployed.

We are addressing  

  • Lack of stable housing
  • Untreated medical issues
  • Untreated substance abuse
  • Felonies and court issues
  • Poor work history
  • Child care and transportation

For the community

New Beginnings is addressing the housing stability situation that creates risk for companies that want to take on a new hire. Self-sufficiency leads to an increased purchasing power of an individual or family. 

How to Help?

It takes an Entire Community