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Gerry's Story

Gerry placed a mom in the New Beginnings shelter, and assisted with getting her a job that she could walk to. They left 4 months later, and she has gotten a scholarship to school, and it was a success story. Gerry relies heavily on New Beginnings to assist families in need.

There is so much overlap, we see them on so many levels when it comes to their needs. New Beginnings does a great job of wrapping them up in all of the services that are available. 

"I know when they are at New Beginnings, they will learn how to budget,  how to manage their lives, what it looks like to have a clean house." 

You are not only investing in New Beginnings mission, you are investing in a person. An individual, maybe the one individual who may save your house. By investing in the mission, you are investing in mankind.

You are giving people a chance to change their lives. To become more. 



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