Meadowlark Commons

Meadowlark Commons

Transitional housing, coupled with other New Beginnings programs, help men, women and children become self sufficient. Cycling people back into community builds community assets. 

Located at 100 East 2nd in Hutchinson, KS, Meadowlark Commons provides 16 units of transitional apartment living. These apartments are designed to be a stair-step for lower income households who are currently threatened by homelessness. They are fully furnished and offer privacy for individuals and families who have been left out in the cold to rebuild their lives.


Additional facilities include a commercial kitchen used as part of our on-site job training, congregate dining area, community activity room that offers an area for music, movie watching, exercise equipment, community patio with adjoining playground.
Meadowlark commons is the same type of program New Beginnings has offered since 1994, only with more tools for success and reaching an individual level of self-sufficiency. 
This is the basic mission of Meadowlark Commons, to help people transition into permanent housing with the skills necessary to maintain it and to envision a life that has only been a dream up until this point. 


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