Coordination of Community Services


After completing a community needs resource assessment, New Beginnings brings to the table all the resources necessary for the family or individual to address the barriers to permanent affordable housing. This helps create stability and long term sustainability. Enhancing both them and the community. 

New Beginnings can assist you in linking together the services offered in the community. 

There is an array of services, resources and help offered in the community. Navigating them in the time of trauma and crisis is difficult. 

CONTACT:  Brenda at 620-966-0274 ext. 109


Homelessness can be solved. We don’t have to suffer or watch other’s suffer because they do not have a home. In my eyes the primary cause for continued homelessness is the breakdown of relationships; our relationships to family, to community and from one generation to another. This lack of a connection to one another has allowed us in the past to walk by or ignore horrific human situations. But our community is changing this. We are reconnecting to every part of our community. We are rebuilding; creating a strong foundation for community by allowing, encouraging and providing the tools for everyone who might need them to rebuild their lives. The future is ours for the making.

- Shara Gonzales, President & CEO
How to Help?

It takes an Entire Community