About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission:

To shelter and rebuild human lives while fostering the development of affordable housing and stable employment

New Beginnings was created in 1986 by a group of concerned community members who called themselves "Housing for the Homeless." They built upon a long tradition of helping displaced people in the community. A six bed home located on East Avenue A Street was used to provide emergency shelter for people without a roof over their heads. 

Today, New Beginnings provides for men, women, and children who are displaced from their homes and offers affordable housing so that others will not have to experience homelessness. Each person's unique contribution to community is fostered by design throughout the services and housing we offer. Transitional housing for those who need time to reach their goals, permanent supportive housing for those who wish to live independently (even with disabilities), affordable housing to ensure people can be the masters of their own lives, and job training and employment for those who need to redirect their life's work.

New Beginnings is an agent of caring - a place of outreach for the community; a place where individual needs are met by universal caring; a place where each person is our brother and our sister; a place where we each benefit from sharing our hearts and our resources; a place where we are constantly renewed. You can become part of this mission. 

How to Help?

It takes an Entire Community